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G59 Hoodie

G59 Hoodie is something other than a dress; it’s an image of independence, first impression, and significance. Beginning from the underground music scene, G59 Hoodie has risen above its foundations to turn into a style symbol embraced by fans around the world.

History of G59 Hoodie

The G59 Hoodie rose out of the underground rap aggregate G*59 Records, established by Ruby da Cherry and $crim. Initially, it was a product thing for their fans, yet its ubiquity immediately flooded past the music domain.

Plan and Elements

Created from premium materials, the G59 Hoodie flaunts solidness and solace. Its moderate plan, including the notorious G59 Clothing logo, radiates easy style and complexity, making it a flexible closet fundamental.


Built from great textures, the G59 Hoodie offers warmth and breathability, guaranteeing ideal solace in any weather pattern.